Autism Strategies

This page provides information about local and national strategies to make the world work for autistic people. We also have a secition on any autism research that requires the involvement of autistic people.

Oliver McGowan Training

The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism is mandatory training to provide all health and care staff with knowledge in Learning Disabilities and Autism. The training address the negative experiences that service users and their families have experienced due to lack of awareness and training of staff.

The training is inspired and named after Oliver McGowan. A young autistic man who died after being mistakenly given anti-psychotic medication in hospital. After his death his mother, Paula campaigned for better training for health and care staff.

What this means for autistic people

The training aims to make all healthcare staff aware of autism and learning disabilities with the end goal being to improve the lives of people and the health and care experiences overall. Receiving high levels of care people deserve without the barriers and prejudice.

NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan is a document released on 7 January 2019 by NHS England that lays
out its healthcare goals for the next 10 years and shows how the NHS funding will be used.  
The plan aims to move resources from hospitals to community services and primary care, and in
particular to strengthen mental health treatment in schools and 24-hour access to mental health crisis teams.

What this means for autistic people

The plan includes commitments that will help to reduce inequalities and to improve autistic people's health and care services around the country. The plans are promising and recognise the urgent need to address the obstacles faced by autistic people in seeking to get support from all parts of England's NHS.

The plan discusses:

• Improving mental health teams for autistic children and adults
• Reducing autism diagnosis waiting times
• Piloting a specific health check for autistic people.

Download: NHS Long Term Plan

Inclusive Transport Strategy

The strategy details the government's plans to make our transport system more accessible and make it easier for people with disabilities to travel. Although its main objective is the inclusion of people with disabilities, other travellers will also benefit from many of the changes.

The goal of the strategy is for people with disabilities to have the same access to transportation as anyone else and to be able to travel comfortably, conveniently and without extra expenses. Fair access for disabled people using the transit system is envisaged by 2031, with assistance if the physical infrastructure is still an obstacle.

The government has changed this strategy from an Accessibility Action Plan to a more inclusive Comprehensive Transport Approach, incorporate a wide range of measures to help people with any disability.

The main themes of the strategy are:

  • Awareness and enforcement of passenger rights - raising awareness of the obligations on transport operators, the processes for raising concerns or complaints and working with regulators to hold operators to account
  • Staff training - ensuring that transport staff understand the needs of disabled people with physical, mental, cognitive or sensory impairments, and can provide better assistance
  • Improving information - ensuring that transport operators provide travel information in formats that all passengers can easily access and understand, before and during a journey
  • Improving physical infrastructure - ensuring that vehicles, stations and streetscapes are designed, built and operated so that they are easy to use for all
  • The future of inclusive transport - ensuring that technological advances and new business models provide opportunities for all and the involvement of disabled people from the outset in their design

Autism Research

This section details any local, national or international research projects for autism. Where possible we will include the details of those looking for autisitic individials participation

Are you looking for autistic people to contribute to your research?

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