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This website is more than just details about the services that En-Fold provide directly - it is also an autism online web resource for information, services and support generally within Northamptonshire. We pride ourselves on our content being developed for and written by those with Autism Spectrum Condition.

En-Fold is a support service charity, based in Northamptonshire.

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The welcome arms for those seeking information, training and support around autism

En-Fold Services

En-Fold Autism Support
Practical support and signposting tailored to the family's individual needs

En-Fold Education Support Setting Programme

Packages for specialised autism parent support groups and PHSE sessions

En-Fold Autism Training

Professional training tailored to your service and delivered within your organisation

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This resource is a constant work in progress. We value the input of all organisations and individuals. If you feel something is missing, or have any information to add, please get in touch and let us know.


En-Fold is immensely grateful for the amazing support we receive from our growing band of volunteers.
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Endless Opinion

A poem written from lived experience, by Julie, an En-Fold mentor/befriender

It wasn't there in my day. It's all a big excuse.
Show them whose boss I say, it isn't child abuse.

Temper tantrums' all it is. So spoiled for all to see.
If I acted like that when I was young I'd be over my father’s knee.

She doesn't look autistic, look she's staring right at me
I am quite the expert, I've met another one you see.

I breathe in such a deep breath, I've heard it all before.
My battles happen every day and I just stare at the floor.
I cannot let this bother me, my daughter needs me more.

Well thank you for your shared advice but it is not needed here.
My daughter is struggling and needs me to hold her near

You really need to learn the facts before you choose to judge
I keep my energy for my kids
I don't have time to hold a grudge


Quick Links

Assistance Dogs

Find out how an assistance dog might be able to benefit your situation and organisations
that can help

Female Presentation

Information on the difference of autism in females and the
connection with missed

Local Support Groups

Details of local groups that can support those with autism and
their families

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Disclaimer: En-Fold does not endorse treatments, interventions and therapies but lists them so people can make informed choice. This site is for information purposes only and is a starting point for readers to look into options that may fit or resonate. Remember, therapies for autism, like any condition, should be discussed with a trusted medical practitioner or certified therapist before use. All information, data and material contained, presented or provided here is for general information purposes only and is not to be construed as reflecting the knowledge or opinions of En-Fold, or as providing legal or medical advice. All treatment decisions should be made by the individual in consultation with a health care provider. Case studies provided are done so in good faith, and based on the personal experience of the individual submitting them. En-Fold are in no way endorsing the establishments that are mentioned but offering peer reviews to inform readers.