Autism Support Service

We recognise that going through the diagnostic pathway is a long and challenging process resulting in questions as well as answers. Parents and carers of children and young people get lost in the diagnostic system leaving them confused and isolated after the process has ended.

We want to ensure that all children, via support to their parents, can access the best services, information and support for them. We also want to ensure all individuals receiving a diagnosis in adulthood find the right information and support.

We will act as system navigators to ensure better support, better communication, and most importantly connect individuals and families to the right support for them. All people deserve an equal chance to flourish.

"Mike and Enfold couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. I was at the end of my tether, without support and feeling extremely lost. For the first time when I explained the behaviour and challenges I was presented with on a day-to-day basis Mike seemed to just get it, and for the first time in a long time I felt as though I was being listened to and not judged. I can't praise Mike enough there aren't any words that could express how grateful I am for the knowledge he has and shared and for actually caring. I've been given so many different windows of information and different services that I can access and all because of Mike and Enfold." Kayleigh P (adult)
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"Our sessions with Tracy have honestly been life changing. She has helped to change my whole mind set about the way I think and feel about autism. It has given us as a family a much clearer understanding of the reasons behind behaviours and we feel much more confident in dealing with them as a result.  It has been so reassuring and comforting to know that we aren't alone and we feel much more positive about the future. It has been lovely to talk to somebody that has been on this journey for a while and just ask and discuss anything without judgment. I feel so lucky that we have been able to access this support and would recommend it to anyone." Amanda (parent)

What's Included?

4-6 sessions of support, in the home or virtually. An excellent understanding of the emotional journey and empathetic listening skills used, to offer practical support and service signposting tailored to the individual and family's needs. Afterwards, the option of taking part in our mentoring and befriending service is available with trained volunteers supporting the individual or parent/carers of a child for a further 3 months.

The sessions are flexible and delivered to the individual's and family's specific needs

Session 1

What is Autism? What might this mean for me/my child and family? Assessment of individual support and information the family may need.

Session 2

Understanding behaviour and meltdowns including sensory needs within ASD and overview of strategies to support.

Session 3

Information sharing on agencies, support groups, services etc, specific and tailored to the individual/family. Related disability benefits and form filling support.

Session 4

Education and understanding the system. Support for form filling and referrals to specific organisations if some longer-term support is required.

"Firstly, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the time that you have spent with us, for your kindness and support.
Enfold stepped in at a time when we were very lost and low and needed support in our journey as a family. You made us feel valued, listened to and understood. Your patience and advice has had such a big impact on how we perceive and address our needs as a family. You helped us to feel empowered, by equipping us with knowledge, tools, techniques and alternative viewpoints.
The way Enfold embraced us, and you tailored each session to our needs as a family, in order to support us is invaluable and the impact that it has had on our lives cannot be underestimated.
The work that this charity does, the support that they offer is incredible, and that is down to the people that work there.
Thank you again. We wish you all the best in the future." David & Georgina (parents)

Letters here and letters there, blooming letters everywhere

A poem from lived experience, by Julie, an En-Fold mentor/befriender

My life is full of acronyms, it's a new language for me.
I am now getting so fluent I may add it to my CV.

There is IEP, EHA, DLA and more.
Not forgetting CA as working is not easy now for sure.

SALT used to go on chips before but now that's not the case.
In fact I talk like this all day and people just look blankly at my face.

There is ASD and S.E.N sometimes with a D
And how could I ever forget those things called EHCP.  

Don't forget SENCO, LA and TA and even SSS
With even more letters adding to the stress.

OT and Ed Psychs and community paeds
Not forgetting that visit we had to ENTs.

But in the end it is ok, I have En-Fold you see.
Explaining all the letters and really helping me.

I want to take a moment to thank them for their time
And providing a wonderful service to help my family shine.


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