Private Diagnosis

A private diagnosis can be a much quicker process, but it does come with a financial cost to it. One pitfall that we urge you to avoid is that if you wish to pursue a diagnosis, do not spend more money than you have to. There are experienced specialists, working within the UK, that charge fairer rates who offer incredible support and can help expedite this process.

After receiving your diagnosis, we advise making an appointment with your GP so that they can amend your medical records and signpost you to the appropriate support services

Private Diagnosis Pathway

From our own experience and of other individuals we have supported, we advise you to inform your GP as to exactly why you need the appointment

"My health, physical and mental, was at an all-time low point, and I had just been told that my diagnostic pathway was likely going to take 2-4 years before I had an answer. Personally, I knew I couldn't survive that long. Quite frankly, for what actually happens during the process, nobody should have to wait that long! I scoured the UK for an option that was more suitable for my situation, and I came across a lot of organisations that were quoting me thousands of pounds for a diagnosis! Disgusting, considering that the stats show just 16% of ASC individuals are in full-time employment. Eventually, I found Sara Heath at Autonomy+ Shropshire. I still paid for this service, but when compared to the other quotes I had received, it made sense! Sara made the process smooth, as comfortable as possible and incredibly professional. From contacting her to receiving my official diagnosis took just 10 days! I was then able to access support, something I was told I would have to wait years for! I am so grateful to Sara for the incredible work she does, and I will always be thankful for her. She helped completely change my life for the better." 

Mike, ASC Diagnosis

PLEASE NOTE: As an organisation, we cannot recommend or endorse any particular private diagnosis organisations.

However, these are some possible providers that can support this part of your journey that you could explore:

RTN Mental Health Solutions

Autonomy+ Shropshire - Sara Heath

Caudwell Children - Autism Services

The Crescent - Assessment and Therapy Centre

Offering diagnostic assessment, and after care for neurodevelopmental conditions. Other professional input also available such as SALT, OT and learning assessments.
Tel: 07516 541257

The Coach House
Farndon Road
Marston Trussell
Market Harborough
LE16 9TU

Link to The Crescent Facebook Page

Private Diagnosis Rejection

There is no legal reason for the NHS or your local authority to reject a private diagnosis as long as it was provided by a suitably qualified professional. However, they may not back down on their decision, and you may have to look elsewhere for support.

If you decide to make a complaint, we recommend contacting the necessary service and asking the reason for not accepting your private diagnosis. Mention that you believe that there is no legal standing for your diagnosis not to be recognised, and you want to make a formal complaint. After making a formal complaint if your diagnosis is still not recognised, we advise you contact the Health Ombudsman.

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